Developing SC/ST Business Leadership
To motivate Dalit youth to enter the business
& industry sector as entrepreneurs

DICCI is working for accomplishment of Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of economic empowerment through self-help and entrepreneurship. DICCI has crossed the first benchmark of its existence 17 years of Promoting Entrepreneurship among Dalits in the Country. It’s been an amazing journey of achievements and creating an impact on the lives of dalit entrepreneurs.  It’s rare to be able to touch so many people’s lives. But the Journey must continue with renewed vigour to achieve the objective of creating as many Dalit Entrepreneurs as possible, which will be the next “Job Givers.”


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Further to the visit of DICCI Leadership team to USA, UK & UAE and continued engagement with DICCI International chapters and partners to enable our members export/Import to various countries and we have singned MoU with various partners in these countires.

As part of the MoUs we intend to enable our members for both Exports and Imports

As a starting point
1. We are conducting a survey to understand the KEY CHALLENGES IN EXPORT & IMPORT FOR SMEs to develop a holistic SME representation to various stake holders to overcome the same.
2. Expression of interest for Export and Imports with specific products.

Request our Members to participate in the survey to present the same to our various stake holders for a outcome based action.

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