Developing SC/ST Business Leadership
To motivate Dalit youth to enter the business
& industry sector as entrepreneurs
DICCI is working to accomplish Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of economic empowerment through self-help and entrepreneurship. DICCI has crossed the first benchmark of its existence: 17 years of promoting entrepreneurship among Dalits in the country. It has been an amazing journey of achievements and creating an impact on the lives of Dalit entrepreneurs. It is rare to be able to touch so many people’s lives. But the journey must continue with renewed vigor to achieve the objective of creating as many Dalit entrepreneurs as possible, who will be the next ‘Job Givers’.”


  • DICCI had its own India Session at NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange 2023 Convention Center Baltimore, USA 22nd October 2023.
  • DICCI attended the 51st NMSDC Conference & Exchange in October 2023.
  • DICCI's captivating stall at the NMSDC Conference in Baltimore sparked fruitful partnerships with esteemed U.S. companies while attracting a large crowd of visitors to explore our offerings.
  • DICCI and the team had a productive meeting with the Indian Ambassador at the Indian Embassy in October 2023.
  • DICCI adopted Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s native village Ambadave to make it AtmaNirbhar.


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