DICCI International

UK Chapter

Mrs Bharulata Kamble is a founder of Devharsh Productions. In order to take Devharsh Productions into the future Bharulata has embarked on producing documentaries and short films under her banner.

Email : bharulata@devharsh.com

UAE Chapter

Mr. Bhagwan Gawai's runs a company called Saurabh Energy which sources Petroleum products and Petrochemicals from major oil refiners and traders and supplies to trading companies and end users on FOB or C&F or CIF basis. Their consultancy services include the setting up of mines, refineries and storage terminals.

Email : gawai@saurabhenergy.ae

Japan Chapter

Mr. Chaitanya Bhandare, Coordinator of Japan DICCI.

Email : chaitu.musical@gmail.com

Germany Chapter

Mr. Raju Phulkar

South Africa Chapter

Mr. Akshay Gaikwad

Email : nolandaengineering@gmail.com

France Chapter

Mr. Cogoulane Carounagrane
Address : No. 1, Avunu da la republqe 91300 massy.

Netherland Chapter / European Union Co-ordinator

Mr. S. Sital

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